Bonsai tree repotting wild juniper after 2 years

Bonsai tree, a wild juniper after 2 years of care. Not having a proper bonsai pot to plant these trees in has not affected the growth of the juniper trees. Dug from the ground these would be bonsai trees were trans planted into a shallow pot to begin the bonsai process of root reduction and training. Part of growing plants and trees in the bonsai style aside from skilled pruning and decorative choice of pot is keeping a healthy living tree alive. Without this key feature, You do not have bonsai. While some bonsai styles incorporate "dead wood" as a feature of a living bonsai tree, seen in nature as dead limbs or branches, the Asian notion of bonsai in simple terms is living with and around the harmonic balances of nature. Growing your own bonsai tree, where I fill in for mother nature, then adds new meaning to the time i spend in my garden or manipulating my collection of bonsai trees. 2 years have past since the planting of these bonsai style wild juniper. I prefer scouting my woods for the "ugly duckling" trees that my have bonsai style features given to them by mother nature, reducing the amount of unskilled manipulation of the tree to a traditional bonsai style that i must give. Here is my feeble attempt at using copper wire on a juniper tree and re-potting, to give a start at the upright bonsai style to a variety that normally runes close to the ground. Once again i flirt with nature, and take this trees life into my hands, with no special bonsai tools or supplies, just a bit of loving care for a bonsai juniper tree gift for a friend.
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