Bonsai juniper Tree Gift for a Friend

I have decided to give a bonsai tree to a special friend as a gift, The Juniper tree which will be Bonsai is a Juniperus communis from the woods around our house. The word bonsai in Japanese means Bonsai 盆栽 tray cultivation, or plant in a pot, developed by the Japanese more than a thousand years ago. A Tree nay not see lice much of a gift but how many have you gotten that will out live you, as some Juniper bonsai in Japan have been collected as yamadori from the mountains and can reach ages of 200 years or more. The juniper tree is a hardy and drought tolerant plant that makes it a very suitable candidate for the bonsai growing techniques. Some folks create a bonsai tree from a nursery juniper, but i prefer to collect them from the woods. In Japanese bonsai, trees are Miniaturized by careful root and stem pruning coupled with root restriction. Bonsai is a fusion of strong ancient believes with Eastern philosophies of harmony between man, nature. Watch video about Juniper Bonsai Trees, and Get Tips On Caring For, Training, Shaping, and Pruning Bonsai Trees.
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