howto grow tomatoes from cuttings 5 gallon bucket garden

How to grow tomatoes from cuttings 5 gallon bucket garden: Grow more tomatoes by pruning new plant growth and starting the tomato cuttings in their own container. These new seedling tomato plants will be transplanted into its own self watering container in a few weeks. I plant my garden using 5 gallon buckets, with holes drilled in the bottom, 2" of stone, then my top secret potting soil mix. My diy green house will provide the vertical growing and tomato cage with out having to stake the tomato plants individually. Here i use a bit of miracle gro rooting hormone but i have had success starting tomato plants from cuttings with out it.

In planting this years bucket garden, I have adopted the "berry-much-cheap-ah-5-gallon-bucket garden "attitude. BY this i mean,
1, I use natural soil and by less potting mix.
2, I make cuttings of my tomatoes to increase my harvest later in the year and fill out my tomato sauce bucket.
3, I save money at the local nursery because i purchase 75% less plant stock for the spring garden planting.
These tomato plants started from cuttings will be copies of the parent plant and now provide you and you garden with late season tomatoes. A how to grow tomatoes from cuttings video by ROCKNTV1 = Digg ThisAdd To Add To Furl Add To Reddit Fav This With Technorati Add To Yahoo MyWeb Add To Newsvine Add To Google Bookmarks Add To Bloglines Add To Ask Add To Windows Live Add To Slashdot Stumble This =