indoor greenhouse in 5 minutes

This 5 foot tall greenhouse assembles in 5 minutes and is be perfect for growing indoor house plants during the winter months. After a visit to my local home improvement store for the weekly hunny doo list, a sprouting Venus fly trap plant ended up in my hand, an impulse buy at the check out. A failed attempt at growing these carnivorous little beasties from seed earlier in the year prompted my new found ferver in the indoor green house. Some may find this small green house as a cool storage area for house plants and flowers needing a winter dormancy period. I, however am going to try an grow some more tropicle type plants needing higher humidity and more sun light than can be had in a window sill. The green house may also save me money at the local nursery in the spring as I hope to start my vegetable garden from seed this year. Some garden vegetables such as watermelon and pumpkins are near a 180 day crop and may benefit from a 2 month head start in my new green house. With four wire shelves that are removable the greenhouse can accommodate taller flowers and plants. Watch as i assemble the covered greenhouse in less than 5 minutes.
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