Grow Venus flytraps from seed FAIL

Growing venus fly traps from seeds is most likely the hardest garden chore I have ever done. While I usually don't consider the time i spend in my garden as a chore, waiting the 1 to 3 month germination period for venus flytrap seeds to sprout is. Here, at day 112, my patience ran out. I had given the these venus flytrap seeds all the due diligence and care i could muster. Moving my little carnivorous plants terrarium from sunny spot to sunny spot and collecting rain water, I found my limit. The seeds planted from a kit by Dunecraft from local hobby store, I adhered to most of the instructions other than the larger container and the addition of sphagnum peat moss from my local garden center being sure not to use any of the fertilised type, and using rain water so the emerging venus flytrap plants would be malnourished and hungry. After a bit more than three months, the seeds, sown just on top of the peat looked white, furry,and rotted,,, FAIL. watch video My hopes for flytrap seedlings were lowered almost immediately after the planting of the seeds as my research into the care of venus flytraps had begun in earnest. According to experts, Venus flytrap seeds must be fresh, mine were packaged and shelved five months earlier. bla,, = Digg ThisAdd To Add To Furl Add To Reddit Fav This With Technorati Add To Yahoo MyWeb Add To Newsvine Add To Google Bookmarks Add To Bloglines Add To Ask Add To Windows Live Add To Slashdot Stumble This =