Beached Whale OHIO STEEL 920 roller

The Ohio steel lawn roller 920LB 48T Is a beached whale that will crush itself under its own weight. 3 weeks of grey rainy weather left the steel roller sitting by itself, with nothing more than the almost 100 gallons of water in it. Thankfully I did not use anti freeze as the manufacturer Ohio steel suggests. Ohio steel certainly must not expect, that i fill and unload the 920lb lawn roller every time i use it? The model #48t is 4' in width, and 24 inches in diameter that lacks quality in every respect. My less than 40 days old lawn / turf roller now has a massive flat spot that causes the roller to jerk the tractor while pulling behind. It also leaves marks on my lawn every time the roller comes around, rendering the Ohio steel lawn roller 920LB 48T totally useless to install a flat and smooth lawn or maintain grass that has weather or rodent damage. I certainly will not be able to use this ohio steel lawn product to manicure the turf on any golf course or putting green. As a note to the Ohio steel company and your steel lawn roller 920LB 48T, I hope you are not based in Ohio USA, as your product is crap, and i am ashamed of you. To the reader of this post or viewers of my vid DON'T BUY THE OHIO STEEL #48T, unless you plan on owning a product i liken to a beached whale, and looks like a flintstone tire.

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