Granite Stone Wall landscaping New Hampshire ROCKNTV1

Landscaping with Granite:New hampshire the Granite state and stone wall building with ROCKNTV1. In new England, using granite as a building material is almost as old as the rocks them selves. Well, may be not quite, but you wouldn't now that by the miles of granite stone walls in new hampshire. Granite, used for everything from road building material to foundation pillars to retaining walls. This page will be the home for my granite landscaping projects for the next few years, as I expect it to take that long for my granite wall to grow. ;) I will be building these granite walls by hand and hand tools. In today's world, a large stone granite wall can be build with the aid of a backhoe or small excavator and a thumb attachment but we will do it the old way, as the colonials did, by hand. I was once asked "how do you move those big rocks?" well I use pry bars and long poles to pry, push, and roll, the granite boulders to there new home on my wall. "How long does it take to build a granite stone wall?" well for me and the stone wall here, a couple of years probably, but for the rest of the miles of granite stone walls in new England, life times is the answer. Before the use of machines to quarry the granite, large boulders were split into usable pieces and brought to a building site by horse or oxen and rock sleds. Splitting granite boulders with feather and wedge after using hand drills, was more easy then trying to cut usable size pieces of granite from ledge or hillside. Follow a long path down this stone wall building journey with me ROCKNTV1, and the rest of the landscaping,hardscaping of my home and garden. = Digg ThisAdd To Add To Furl Add To Reddit Fav This With Technorati Add To Yahoo MyWeb Add To Newsvine Add To Google Bookmarks Add To Bloglines Add To Ask Add To Windows Live Add To Slashdot Stumble This =