sprinkler head nozzle mod repair

sprinkler head nozzle mods:rainbird, orbit, impact, impulse type sprinkler head Groundworks brand from tractor supply repair. The sprinkler head nozzle it self is to large for my well water system which is an artesian @550feet and 5.5 gpm. The nozzle or orifice size of the sprinkler head is directly related to how much water can be applied by your irrigation system, but MUST be sized correctly to the rate of flow at you well pump. These nozzles on more expensive brand sprinkler heads like orbit and rain bird are available as replacement nozzles for there irrigation products and are not sized by decimal or fractional standards. In this video I show you what i did to fix the size of the hole, maintain water pressure, and the reversing cycle of the impact sprinkler head. how to video

sprinkler head repair nozzle pt3 TEST water grow grass seed
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