FREE Azalea arborvitae rhododendron bushes and shrubs

Landscaping project bushes an shrubs: So when i got the call from a friend that a road side pile of assorted Azalea bushes and shrubs, along with some arborvitae, rhododendron and lilac trees, were being tore out by a neighbor, and free for the taking i flew over to grab some of these for transplanting. Sadly on arrival the owners had not properly readied the plants for removal, but had just chained them up and ripped them from the ground, destroying most of the healthy root-balls. Late on a Sunday afternoon, I had been caught by surprise with a stock of about forty azalea bushes and shrubs that would soon need holes dug, compost mixed and soil amended. To much this late in the day, so,,,,, In this video, I show you my down and dirty solution to saving the life of these Landscape bushes and shrubs, after a serious indiscriminate pruning. With a bit of care i hope to save these flowering beauties. Azalea, rhododendron bushes and shrubs make great foundation plants or fit with other landscaping features such as stone retaining walls or under evergreen trees where these acid loving flowers will find natural fertilizer and an acidic PH. They are also a lot more enjoyable when a check did not have to be written to the local home and garden nursery. enjoy ROCKNTV1 howto videos
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