Change Tires by Hand garden tractor

How to Change Tires by Hand on a garden tractor, Changing and mounting a tire by hand, tube type and tubeless on garden tractors and riding lawn mower. HOW TO DIY install a slime tube in tubeless wheel or rim and other power tools like wheel barrow, snow blower, garden tiller. Your local tire shop is your friend as mounting tires, is hard work. This tire mounting video is good for all types of air tires tube type and tubeless,. Here I show you the rear axle on a sears craftsman LT1000 riding mower, lawn tractor, taking the wheel off and replacing with new agricultural tires.
Change Tires by Hand garden tractor how to video
Here I show you how to mount a new tri rib tire on my suburban tractor wheels. The near 50 year old tires at finally dry rot enough to go flat on the tube which had been installed in the tubeless wheel at some point. I have found that a air hammer with a wide blunt chisel, makes an excellent tool to break down the bead of the tire. Some times changing these smaller tires by hand is more work than a full size truck tire. Watch as i show you how to install by hand some new 4x4.80x8 tires on the front wheels of my garden tractor.
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