Adding weight to garden tractor

I could have used regular lawn tractor wheel weights, but they would not have Added much weight to my garden tractor. So I decided to use these empty tidy cat litter pales to fill with sand for weight. These bucket are great to have in the garage as they are stackable and great in the garden for many uses, plus the cats seem to like the litter in there box.
Drilling some holes for bolts in the the sheet metal of the sears craftsman lt1000 lawn tractor, then through the pales added 35 pounds of weight per side to garden tractor after filling with sand. Adding a home made diy weight box to some garden tractors may be more easy then finding manufactured wheel weights, and heavier, for some model tractors. Adding weight to garden tractor video. weights tire chains garden tractor DIY fitting 92lbs per side sears suburban ss15 custom plow rig

2013 almost over but not with out more snow sears suburban getting more rear weights, 140lbs over the rears and the plow, custom 7 getting its tire chains. Hope we dont need the snow blower, john deere 1330se = Digg ThisAdd To Add To Furl Add To Reddit Fav This With Technorati Add To Yahoo MyWeb Add To Newsvine Add To Google Bookmarks Add To Bloglines Add To Ask Add To Windows Live Add To Slashdot Stumble This =