jalapeño peppers and hornworms

So its the middle of October and most of the garden has already passed, except for the jalapeño peppers. Our growing season here in Southern New Hampshire seemed short, but then summer always does. We had a serious bout with the tomato hornworm this year. The hornworms seemed to like the green bell peppers but not the jalapeño peppers, thankfully. It's always a bit sad this time the year taking the garden down, but we get to look thrive the root systems and how our bucket garden did this year. Of course we used to 5 gallon buckets to plant our jalapeños in, and this year's garden was no exception. I recommend no more than 2 pepper plants per five gallon bucket, for the plants to thrive in your container garden. We will save the plant matter for the compost heap, and spread the soil from this year's buckets in the compost. see video below While the tomato or tobacco hornworm seems happiest devouring your young plants in the garden, including green bell peppers, they dont seem to like the taste of my jalapeño chilli peppers. Evidently tomato hornworms do not like Mexican food. :)
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