Garden tractor Wheel Alignment

SEARS CRAFTSMAN GARDEN TRACTOR WHEEL ALIGNMENT. Use or abuse, from time to time the front wheels on our garden tractor may be ripping up the turf while mowing or so badly steering in opposit directions that something must be done. The craftsman LT1000 garden tractor and similar machines have a single parts tie rod between the front wheels that transfers motion from the steering wheel to the front wheels of the tractor. This rod can be bent by bumping into an edging while mowing the lawn or working in the garden. New parts for this tractor are availible from the sears parts department or you can follow the instructions in the video to straighten the tie rod end part DIY . A new part from Sears will not be perfectly straight, this is to clear the drive pully, it came came curved from the Sears manufacturer. There are no other parts, or adjustments, in the front steering axle of the sears LT1000 garden tractor that will affect the wheels tracking to the front.
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