Home gardening Criminal? hr875

I had hoped not to write this, but not only for the regular reasons, I love gardening and farming and the derivative physical health benefit, the mental release of stress associated with a more personal relationship between people, nature and the land. Criminalizing of home gardening, by Monsanto. Now law, house bill H.r. 875, needs to be understood by ALL THE WORLDS PEOPLE.
Monsanto / H.R.-875
Patenting genetically modified seed.
Destroying "heirloom variety tomatoes"
Do I need a Criminal lawyer to grow my tomatoes and peppers ?

Health food, I don't think so.

It is time for citizens, patriots, restaurateurs, and business owners to get together NOW. It is now technically illegal to share your home grown vegetables with your neighbors. Just because you have not seen the "coming soon to a backyard near you", "Green police" corporately owned, fine collection and enforcement agency. Imagine some morning looking out over you garden or farm, to find these badge wearing, people tacking a note to the door of your house, confiscating your property, (tomatoes,,,what ever)and suing you for the pollen blowing from your garden/yard ?

It is a said day for all people of the world.
These videos are the story and opinions of many farmers and freedom folk.
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